Research & Development

Research & Development

The R&D (Research & Development) referral office of Avicenna Fertility Center was established in 2018 in order to expand cooperation with specialists who work in the field of examination and treatment of infertile patients in their office.

Based on this mutual cooperation, qualified specialists working outside Avicenna Fertility Center participate in meetings and seminars held by the center and necessary trainings for evaluating infertile couples are provided. In fact, the outside specialists are regarded as colleagues of Avicenna Fertility Center and they will interact and communicate with the center across the country from distant or nearby places.

After initial evaluation by outside specialists, patients are referred to cooperation and R&D referral office of Avicenna Fertility Center.

The assistant in the office is Ms. Leila Ebadi, who calls patients and doctors through mobile phones or tries a landline phone and provides them with the necessary information, and welcomes our esteemed patients.

The director of the office is Dr. Atoosa Karimi, Oby/Gyn with the fellowship in infertility treatment. The admitted patients based on their initial problem are referred to different clinics including male and female infertility treatment, endometriosis, breast, immunology, internal medicine, genetics, sonography, perinatology, and also the medical diagnostic laboratory of Avicenna Fertility Center for further necessary diagnostic evaluations and accordingly, appropriate treatment measures are selected and provided for them.

Finally, the patient's treatment outcome (For example, pregnancy following a microinjection) is reported to the physician.

Another important activity of the referral office is establishing cooperation with the Infertility Treatment Center of ACECR Branch of Qazvin, which has established effective and continuous communication with the specialists of Qazvin through Telemedicine technology. Therefore, required arrangements for performing ultrasound and medical prescription are done and healthcare delivery is transformed. The advantage of the procedure is that patients visit the referral office only for surgery (Puncture, embryo transfer, hysteroscopy, TESE, etc.) and next will be guided to different clinics of Avicenna Fertility Center.

This is a great help to the patients living in Qazvin province or the surrounding cities who are not able to make frequent visits to Avicenna Fertility Center due to the conditions of the COVID-19 epidemic spread and problems of long distance travel to Tehran. These patients can be connected with Qazvin Infertility Treatment Center for necessary examinations under the supervision of erudite specialists in Qazvin city and will be referred to Avicenna Fertility Center only for exigent circumstances such as the need for surgery.

It should be noted that the success rate of pregnancy in patients referred to Qazvin branch has been brilliant and thus the possibility of pregnancy has been provided for many couples who have no direct access to Avicenna Fertility Center in Tehran.

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