About Us

Avicenna Fertility Center is one of the advanced centers with cutting edge technology in the country and region for treatment of infertility and recurrent abortion. The center has joint partnership with the ART center of USHCL University of Germany which initiated its activities in 2003.



Due to close cooperation with experienced specialists, using advanced equipment and technologies supported by innovative achievements of researchers at Avicenna Research Institute (ARI), Avicenna Fertility Center succeeded to revive the energy and enthusiasm among more than 15000 infertile couples and promote their life quality during the last two decades. We are moving forward and furthering our developments in tandem with prominent infertility treatment centers in Europe and United states.  


Mission and Vision

It is our pride and privilege that all diagnostic and therapeutic services are provided in the center to address all demands and problems of our clients. Therefore, the couples would receive required services in our one-step-center.  

Our chief mission at Avicenna Fertility Center is qualitative and quantitative promotion in ARTs for diagnosis and treatment of infertility, recurrent abortion and endometriosis and all related areas. The birth of thousands of male and female infants in our center is the clear cut evidence that we have not desisted from our attempts. Every day, we are more determined to progress in reproductive sciences and technologies, extend and develop health services.

Our ultimate goal is erecting a bridge to your dreams

We provide the following services for our clients
  • Diagnosis and treatment in our 8 subspecialty clinics including Infertility Treatment, Abortion, Pelvic Pain, Endometriosis and Advanced Laparoscopy, Sexual Health, Menstrual Blood Stem Cells and Cell Therapy, Replacement Therapies (Egg and Embryo Donation, Surrogacy), Breast, and Perinatology
  • Medical Diagnostic Laboratories including Pathology, Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics, Immunology and Flow Cytometry, Sequencing, Andrology and Coronavirus Diagnostic Lab equipped with advanced technologies
  • Radiology and Ultrasound Clinic, equipped with Doppler ultrasound, mammography, color photograph of the uterus
  • Operating room equipped for advanced laparoscopic surgeries, reproductive surgeries for males and females
  • Embryology department equipped with clean room, time-lapse technology and all necessary equipment
  • Pharmacy to provide all the medicines needed by esteemed clients
  • Sex determination, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and screening services
  • Genetic, endocrine, internal medicine, nutrition and mental health counseling services
  • Department of international patients
  • Offering new therapies including the use of menstrual blood stem cells to treat infertility

The above mentioned state-of- the- art technologies have earned the clinic’s great reputation in the region and beyond.  We welcome hundreds of infertile couples each year and our success rate over 50% proves our role as a vanguard in serving patients. 


Hoteling is another service provided by Avicenna Fertility Center to ensure the well-being of our clients. Also, if our esteemed clients plan to book a hotel during their stay, Mehr Hotel with special discounts serves our wonderful guests.

For more information and necessary arrangements, please call Public Relations Office at +98 21 23519, extension 311.
Avicenna Fertility Center, No. 97, at the corner of the Yakhchal street, Shariati st., Tehran, Iran.

Opening Hours (International Patients)

Saturday : 8am–3pm
Sunday : 8am–3pm
Monday : 8am–3pm
Tuesday : 8am–3pm
Wednesday : 8am–3pm
Thursday : 8am–1pm