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Date2021-04-25 02:32:44
QuestionGood Morning, I would like to become an anonymous sperm donor in your clinic.
My name is Thomas Johnson. I have got Netherlands Passport (EU). I haven’t got Iran Passport. I am 24 years old Man. I live in Tehran now and for the next 3 years.
Could you tell me which documents I need to show you? I have a driving license, ID Card and passport. I have no others documents. Is it enough to bring only a passport?
Because I work in an international company, which sent me here on the contract rules. I
AnswerHello dear Sir
Thanks for the message
This service is not provided at this center.
Iran, Tehran, Shariati st.
Avicenna Infertility Clinic
at the corner of the Yakhchal street
No. 97
+98-21-23519 (Ext. 444, 312)

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