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Date2022-12-04 23:17:53
QuestionHello,I would like to inquire about the process of ICSI with egg donation.Is it possible to get a consult appointment on Telephone or with Whatsapp.I am contacting from outside Iran and would like to get some information:
- total days required for one ICSI cycle
-Which day of cycle I should be there
-Availability of Egg donor
AnswerEgg Donation services are available at our clinic. For details please contact us on what's app number 00989333910757.
Iran, Tehran, Shariati st.
Avicenna Infertility Clinic
at the corner of the Yakhchal street
No. 97
+98-21-23519 (Ext. 444, 312)

Opening Hours

Saturday : 8am–8pm
Sunday : 8am–8pm
Monday : 8am–8pm
Tuesday : 8am–8pm
Wednesday : 8am–8pm
Thursday : 8am–1pm